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When I first decided to make a conscious change in trying to minimise the amount of plastic I was buying, the first thing I did was to write a list of plastic items that I was regularly purchasing. I am embarrassed to admit that water bottles were one of the main items. It was always just so convenient to pop into a shop before the gym or work and buy a bottle that I wasn’t worried about losing. This has been one of the best changes I have made and I wish I had done it sooner. 

Now, I did a lot of research when I decided to invest in a proper water bottle. I wanted something which would hold enough water (we’re talking 500 mls and over), I wanted something lightweight, leak proof, stylish and any other extra benefits that it would add to my bottle. Finally, I came across a brand called Yogibeings which I was instantly in love with. This brand is all about natural materials.  

I purchased ‘The Athlete’ in a hammered polished finish. This bottle holds 900mls of water, it is 100% pure copper, it has a mouth large enough that you can pop in some ice cubes (If my water isn’t freezing, I don’t want it) and you can buy it with a ‘cork’ lid, this means it can be used by your bedside table as a carafe. 

Why did I go with copper in the end? Copper has antioxidants, anti-inflammatory and naturally anti-microbial properties. Leaving your water in this bottle for a few hours’ means it will become ‘supercharged’ – copper minerals will infiltrate your water. This assists our bodies in the absorption of iron, stimulates cell regeneration to help wounds heal faster and soothe joint pain and promotes cell regeneration which is amazing for your skin! In case you were wondering, the water doesn’t taste different at all, this was something I had been apprehensive about. Also, I did have a tiny concern that what if I was taking in too much copper? I reached out to the Yogibeings team and they informed me that they have thoroughly tested the levels of copper in their water and it is well below the recommended daily allowance. Finally, copper is a material that will last forever, the properties of this material will never diminish over time, so you will only ever need to buy this one bottle!

Compared to other water bottles, this one is slightly higher maintenance and it is an investment, I had definitely seen other copper bottles which were cheaper but after doing some more digging I would find that these companies used only plated copper (so you don’t get any benefits from the material). I love the shiny, polished and sparkling quality of my bottle, so I do clean it often (rub a slice of lemon over it, rinse and dry thoroughly). Yogibeings have such a wide range of bottles and they do offer a matte finish for anyone who is looking for something elegant and less flashy. I have also discovered that they have a new style out, ‘The Champ’ range is a bottle smaller in size for those of you looking for a bottle which isn’t as big. One of the best purchases I made this year for sure.

Link below to their website, also they do have a few giveaways every now and then on their instagram so hopefully you will be the lucky one to win a bottle! 


Instagram: @yogibeings

*Disclaimer* This is not a paid post, all thoughts are my own.

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