Review- Derma V10 Exfoliating Foot Peel

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Lets all be real here, its more than likely your feet receive the least amount of attention than anywhere else on your body. They’re so far down that it qualifies as too much effort to deal with. I decided to stop ignoring them as flip flop weather is now here and give mine some much needed TLC. 

I’d seen these foot masks over on instagram and have seen quite a few Asian brands in the beauty industry make some of the most popular ones. However, with every delivery having an added delay currently I needed something ASAP, trust me when I say I needed major help. 

After a little research I found these Derma V10 Exfoliating Peels at only £3 they were a fraction of the price compared to the ones I’d seen on instagram. I bought it off Amazon so it arrived within days! 

Now, you receive two huge plastic socks that you put your feet in for 90minutes. If you are like me, unable to sit in one position for that long I suggest you put a pair of socks over the top so they don’t fall off and you can continue to move around. I didn’t feel a tingle or discomfort during this time, to be honest I didn’t think it would was strong enough because I didn’t feel anything! We all love a slight tingle/burn don’t we, especially when using acids! These in particular use a mix of Lactic and Salicylic acid, and even when applying these on my face I can’t say I’ve experienced any irritation. I kept them on for exactly the instructed amount of time and let them air dry off. I did the mask before going to sleep that evening, I wanted to get straight into bed as I didn’t want anything to hinder the process immediately after.

It actually was exactly a week later that I noticed slight peeling on my feet- I know that people will be expecting me to share pictures with you all during this process but no, I can’t share pictures of my feet as they now look gorgeous and there’s plenty of weirdos on the internet lol! But really I’m not because I haven’t found out what angles are best for my feet! Fast forward two weeks and I’ve still got few last bit of dead skin to peel away, its all dependent on the person how quickly your feet will peel, but definitely realised that soaking or taking baths will speed up the process. 

The mask really have been transformative, especially for those hardened areas that I thought were permanent features of my feet. They’ve completely gone and exposed a new baby soft layer! I plan on repeating the mask every couple of months because I want feel like this all the time and its so satisfying watching them peel away- ewww, trust me I know!  

I really do love all these random beauty treatments! Let me know if there’s any others I need to try in the comments below. 

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