Bedroom Makeover- A Mini Lockdown Project

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The month of April seemed to be my most productive time during lockdown. I think it was mainly driven by the fear of everyone suddenly becoming multilingual, training for the Olympics and true ‘masterchefs’ jumping on the ‘banana bread baking’ hype. I took to becoming an Interior designer lol! 

There were a few changes in my bedroom decorations I made in order to make it feel a little more contemporary. Nothing crazy! Just a few options I thought I would share for in case anyone felt like they wanted another reason to spend the money they had saved during this time.

GET A CHAIR. This chair really started it all off! Really I wanted a chair just so I could sit in front of my mirrored wardrobes whilst doing my makeup. The armchair style brings a little homely vibe and I can sit on it with my legs crossed as I usually like to with chairs, not sure if that’s normal criteria when purchasing chairs but I need to be sitting cross-legged and right up to my mirror  especially whilst attempting every day to wing that eyeliner! The clear acrylic mixed with the wooden legs is very classic to Scandinavian furniture and I am obsessed with that whole aesthetic, and it really helped with what I was trying to emulate throughout the room. Little did I know how much fun chair browsing would be, I wish I’d have space for more! 

CHANGE YOUR DUVET. Obviously your bed is the most prominent feature of your bedroom, I didn’t realise how something so easy to change would help pull the space together. I’ve always loved white sheets but have never been loyal to them moving around from printed sheets to other neutrals pretty much after each wash. This time I decided to go back to white and the whole room seems to appear perkier, bigger and in sync with the minimal theme. There is a slight hint of colour with the throws I layered on top which I love just as a bright burst of colour!

GREENERY. Where has this plant been all my life- sitting downstairs in the living room amongst the others with the jungle my parents have going on! Omgosh it makes me so happy every time I look at it! There’s something very peaceful about having a plant and makes me feel incredibly grown up, this one is a ‘Aspidistra elatior’ also known as the cast iron plant. It needs to be watered about once or twice a week dependant on the weather which is ideal for me. I couldn’t see my room without one now!

STORAGE SOLUTIONS. These hideous bags have really been a blessing, I’m sure you can get prettier colours but with the current situation these were the only option that were cheap and arrived the quickest. I’ve used them to store shoes that I don’t wear daily and they’ve really made under my bed look so organised that I now from time to time I bend down  just to take a peak, mad I know! Each pouch has a specific type of shoe making it so stress- free to find and even vacuuming underneath now as the bags slide out from under the bed with such ease. For clothes I have one big vacuum storage bag which has created space not only under the bed but aiding to streamline my wardrobe too!  

SOME WINDOW LOVE. I upgraded my curtains to a cute new set of floor length curtains. With the addition of floor length net curtains. I adore the way they both fall to the ground, the blackout curtains are quite heavy and fall with strong pleats. And the nets in comparison look so wispy and light, I think the contrast of both looks so relaxing which ties in with the rest of the room decor. 

PICK YOUR CORNER. Pick a spot in the room and go wild. I’ve chosen the space alongside my wall adjacent to the corner of the window. Setting up my chair and accessories here has almost given the room another focal point, also creating a seating corner which separates the room from bed space, making it a space for me to work or settle down and chill!

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